June 19, 2014

Just like we do not like overly sissy nannies to educate our kids, we do not want overly sissy regulators to regulate our banks.

Sir, Sam Fleming and Gina Chon begin by quoting David Wright, secretary general of Iosco saying “It is extraordinary that here we are, nearly seven years in [from the financial crisis] and we still have an inadequate understanding of some of the key aspects of financial markets” “Push begins to put lenders’ house in order”, June 19.

But then reporting on the meltdown of the subprime loans, and even though they mention that some regulators “have imposed though capital requirements on investors who buy asset-backed securities, they basically support putting the blame on some “shadow finance”, and do not even mention the role extreme low capital requirements, for the banks in the sunshine, played in creating the demand for bundled subprime loans which caused the crisis.

Those low capital requirements resulted because sissy regulators, personally scared of some risks, thought those were the risks which were dangerous to our banks. And, in doing so, they are killing our economies, by keeping our banks refinancing the safer past and not financing the riskier future that our young unemployed so much need to be financed, in order not to become a lost generation.

No Sir! We, who have thrived on risk taking, cannot afford our banks now being in hands of so sissy regulators.

And those journalists too sissy to dare holding the regulators truly accountable, we do not need them either.