June 17, 2014

How much safe sound private money can we really have before it really becomes just too dangerous?

Sir, Paul McCulley writes “The crisis of the past decade was a reminder of the instability inherent in private money”, as if public money is inherently stable, “Make shadow banks safe and private money sound” June 17.

Also, as I see it, the number one reason private money turned unstable, was precisely the efforts of regulators to make it safe… as they concocted those senseless capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks, and which only guaranteed that when a bank crisis resulted from excessive exposures to what was perceived as absolutely safe, as all bank crisis do, the banks would then be standing there with their defenses, their capital, at a very low.

No Mr. McCulley, you at Pimco might have a vested interest in it, but I guarantee you that we, the rest, have no wish for Easterly’s tyrant experts to make our private money too safe… that is just too dangerous.