June 02, 2014

Bankers, by limiting the voice of their parents to the 4 to 8 percent capital range, find it easier to write their own bonuses.

Sir, I sympathize deeply with much of the arguments presented by Lucy Kellaway in a “Lesson from kindergarten on executive bonuses” June 2.

That said I am not sure the analogy to her challenges as a mother is so accurate in this case, since I have the feeling that she does indeed still influence quite a lot the bonuses of her kids. And, that is not the case of banks.

The bankers, the kids, have been able to convince the regulator that the voice of their parents, the shareholders, should be very limited… to the 4 to 8 percent range. And the result of it all is that bankers are in essence very much capable of setting their own bonuses, which is something I am sure Lucy Kellaway would rightly fear if her kids could do.

Let us give banker’s parents more voice!