June 19, 2014

And when are investors to sue Blackrock and Pimco because of these experts lack of due diligence?

Sir, I read Camilla Hall and Luc Cohen reporting “Six banks sued over trustee roles” June 19.

What­? If Pimco or Blackrock had had any of those executives really deserving huge bonuses they hold they have, they should have know that if regulators authorized banks to hold securities rated as AAA, against a so meager 1.6 percent in capital, meaning they could leverage their own capital 62.5 times to 1, something very bad was going to happen, and so they needed to be very alert.

And so in this respect I ask, when are the Pimco and the Blackrock investors going to sue Pimco and Blackrock for the lack of due diligence?

If expert companies can try to get out of their buyer’s beware responsibility, why should not the small investors try?