June 19, 2014

Europe, ECB, if what FT writes is what IMF will recommend you… please don’t listen to it. They’ve lost it!

Sir, Peter Spiegel and Claire Jones write that “IMF urges eurozone bond purchases” “primarily of sovereign assets” “to stimulate growth”, June 19.

Forget it! In the best of cases you would receive a short term stimulus that would lead to some flabby obesity type growth, because injecting liquidity by buying bonds sovereign debt, amounts only to a carbs and fat based diet.

No, if you are going to stand a chance to achieve some type of sturdy muscular growth, you have to open up the doors for the banks to lend to the medium and small businesses, to the entrepreneurs and the start-ups, to the real proteins of the economy, those doors that have been shut by the risk-weighted capital requirements for banks

IMF has lost it? YES!