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November 21, 2007

Let us also look at the quality of growth

Sir Martin Wolf in “Who will pick up the thread after the great unwinding” November 21, answers himself that question with a “the rest of the world” and we, praying, join the chorus.

Having said that and since Wolf juggles around with some percentages of growth, and views with some tremor the possibility of a “growth recession” in the US, I would also like to add that, sooner or later, we need also to start looking more in detail at the sustainability and the quality of growth.

I am spending this Thursday of Thanksgiving in New York and I have just been informed that in order for my wife and daughter to access the real bargains during Black Friday I need to go with them to the stores when they open…at 5AM in the morning. Since that cannot be a sign of good growth, if some growth recession could help me from having to go shopping at 4 am next year, well then bring it on.