April 09, 2016

The Undercover Economist surfaces timely to help put some stop on dangerous divisive demagoguery.

Sir, Tim Harford writes: “If the rich and powerful are dodging taxes or committing financial crime, they deserve to be exposed. And if a $160bn merger makes sense only if it qualifies for a juicy tax break, it should not happen. If politicians and voters are finally taking an interest in closing tax loopholes, that is good… Yet there is also something disheartening about the name-and-shame, patch-and-mend turn the conversation has taken.” ‘Naming and shaming is no way to build a tax system” April 9.

What can I say? I guess: “Hear, hear!” applies the best.

And next week I hope the Undercover Economist helps to explain that what is to be found there in the stash-away is not some unused treasures type Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, but papers that evidences how values have already been deployed, like for instance buying shares or government debt.

I ask this because when we read articles that state “The Panama Papers Show That There's Enough Money to Solve the World's Problems - It's Just in the Wrong Hands”, it is clear that truth is bended in order to serve populism, and that redistribution profiteers are smelling great opportunities for their Rightful Hands.

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