April 25, 2016

Regulation distortions, sure makes finance information on banks extra hard to grasp.

Simon Samuels writes about bank financial reports of 600 pages, “Too much information makes finance hard to grasp” April 25.

Sir, since the 2007-08 crisis, I have read at least 50 editorials, articles or research papers, written by first class newspapers, experts or renowned academicians, that have compared the capital to assets ratios of banks of before the 90s, with the capital to risk weighted assets of the Basel I, II and III… in order to show how bank capitalization has evolved.

In fact even prominent regulators have fallen in their own trap.

For instance in this letter I pointed out the mistakes of Alan Greenspan.

Besides, what’s the use of risk weighted capital to asset ratios if no one understands what the risk weights are and how these came into being, like for instance the zero percent for sovereigns?

Sir this is the prime example of how regulation has distorted information and makes the finance information on banks hard to grasp.

PS. Do you want me to review my blog and count the times FT and its people got it wrong but ignored my letters on it?

PS. By the way in my letters I have found that Simon Samuels, related to the Financial Stability Board, seemingly has not much against the concept that regulators should act as risk managers for the world. Boy it does takes a lot of hubris for that! 

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