April 21, 2016

FT, for you is an English Language Empire, a too attractive or a too contemptuous idea?

Sir, even if soon two decades ago I wrote an Op-Ed titled “A new English Language Empire” that does not mean I have suggested such thing.

That said I do not understand why, even though you qualify it with that Obama “does not have to spell it out explicitly”, you argue he should “legitimately make it clear that a post-Brexit UK will not be able to rely on an alternative transatlantic or Anglospheric framework of trade and security to replace its connections with Europe.” “Obama tells home truths over the EU referendum” April 21.

Is it because you might feel such possibility could be dangerously attractive and therefore stimulate a Brexit, or is it because you find such possibility contemptuous?

I do not come from an English speaking country but, if Englishman, and if Brexit happens, then I would certainly look with interest at the possibility of a Brentrance into such an Empire.

PS. If Brexit, should EU have the right to keep English, or do you see a fight breaking out between German and French? 

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