April 27, 2016

Martin Wolf, the 11th reason against Brexit, is Britain should not want be blamed for causing EU's final divorce

Sir, Martin Wolf gives very convincing arguments against a Brexit, as they say he almost had me at hello! “Myths and fantasies in the case for Brexit” April 27.

The question then is, why does Brexit pose such an attraction to so many… and is there any chance that attraction will diminish over time?

And I guess the best answer to that is a question: Martin Wolf would you like to call Europe home? 

If Wolf's answer is no, then even he must admits there is a fundamental failing with EU that will most likely, thanks to successful populists and demagogues, become worse and worse with time.

But then again, if so, that would signify the 11th and perhaps most important reason for why to vote against Brexit now, namely that Britain could become blamed for the final divorce of EU.

Let other countries play that treacherous role… I think there will be, or already exist, many candidates for an exit… like a Grexit perhaps?

PS. That does not signify, of course, that I do not think it appropriate for the UK to withdraw, immediately, from some quasi European concoctions, such as crazy bank regulations coming out of the Basel Committee. 

PS. I just read Tony Barber's "A turn in the political tide buoys Austria’s far right" So hold your horses on Brexit, and then you could blame the Austrians J

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