April 18, 2004

Hurrah for the Queen!

Sir, facing the need of a career move, it was interesting to read in The Economist, two weeks ago, an announcement, by the Buckingham Palace, requesting an Assistant Private Secretary to H.M. the Queen. I finally did not send my c.v. to www.royal.gov.uk., not because it was not tempting, but because I thought that although I could offer good global perspective on many issues, the Queen might really be looking for someone with more local know-how (cricket) than what I (baseball) could provide for.

That said, Buckingham’s announcement is noteworthy as it evidences that, even in the Monarchy, good governance issues are deemed so important that they include the statement “The Royal Household is committed to equality of opportunity”. And so, in terms of transparency and equal opportunity in hiring, how does the IMF currently stand up in its search for a Managing Director when compared to the British Monarchy? Perhaps, even though born republicans, should not refrain from a “Hip Hip, Hurrah” for the Queen.

Sent to FT, April 17, 2004