April 10, 2016

In Miami Florida USA, when stores display “Hablamos inglés”, that evidences the global importance of English

Sir, during my two short/long years as an Executive Director of the World Bank, I don’t recall a more enjoyable moment than listening to a colleague’s, the Executive Director for France, wonderful spirited defense of the budget allocation for translating English documents into French. And that is why I felt a streak of bad conscience when I caught myself discreetly smiling when reading Jeremy Paxman’s “Voilà — a winner in the battle of global tongues” April 8.

Of course English has won the battle. It is such an important language that even in Miami Florida USA, the stores display signs that read: “Hablamos inglès”, “We speak english”.

What has me a bit surprised though, is that I have not yet heard Mr Paxman suggesting an English Language Empire, as a Brentrance to Brexit.

That Empire would, Professor Higgins allowing, at least save itself most of the costs of translations.

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