September 25, 2018

What we have is not by a long shot economic liberalism, it is much more statism, and of the crony kind.

Sir, Martin Wolf refers to Yascha Mounk of Harvard University arguing “that undemocratic liberalism, notably economic liberalism, largely explains the rise of illiberal democracy: ‘vast swaths of policy have been cordoned off from democratic contestation’, [carried out] by international agreements created by secretive negotiations carried out inside remote institutions.” “Saving liberal democracy from the extremes” September 25.

Hold it there! The Basel Committee for Banking Regulations, with Basel I of 1998 decided, without any real public consultation, that the risk weights for those risk weighted capital requirements it itself concocted, were to be 0% the sovereign and 100% the citizens. What has to do with “economic liberalism”? Nothing! To me it is pure unabridged statism… that is unless it is derived from pure unabridged stupidity.

Ignoring that allows Wolf to opine, “What is true is that poorly managed economic liberalism helped destabilise politics… and to argue, “Elites must promote a little less liberalism” 

Again, no! Mr. Wolf (for the umpteenth time), we are not living a time of “poorly managed liberalism”, we are living thru times of expertly camouflaged statism, that which is so beneficial to the redistribution profiteers and to those of the private sector who love to engage in crony statism.

Sir, all journalists, even those considered its elite, have a duty to denounce that; less they might be accused of covering it up. I mean should not journalists be the citizens’ frontline for any “democratic contestation”? 

How many times have I asked Martin Wolf to use his influence to ask the regulators: “Why do you want bank to hold more capital against what’s perceived as risky and is therefore less dangerous to our bank system, than what is perceived as safe and that, precisely because of that, becomes so much more dangerous to it? Hundreds? Has he dared to ask it? Not that I know Sir. Though perhaps he just did not like the answer or the non-answer