September 25, 2018

The one most worthy and in need of a “teachable moment” is the European Union itself.

Gideon Rachman“fears that Britain is heading towards what counsellors call a “teachable moment”, otherwise known as a traumatic experience that forces people (or nations) into a fundamental reassessment.” “Britain is poised to learn a hard Brexit lesson” September 25

To that purpose Rachman mentions, “Greece experienced not triumph but humiliation – as its government was forced to accept the bailout that it had just rejected.”

Indeed, but the one who would best have been helped by a “teachable moment”, that would be the EU itself; which could have happened if only Greek citizens had sued EC, for allowing banks to lend to the Greek sovereign against zero capital of their own, which of course doomed the Greeks to their tragedy.

Does Britain or any EU nation really want to end up like Greece? I believe not. For that not to happen all Europeans need to call out their authorities on much more, instead of silently swallowing EU’s marketing efforts; thankful for being able to freely visit each other; something that when you get down to it does not really require a European Union for it, as neither does free trading, as neither does being able to work or reside in any EU nation for that matter.

How long will techno/bureaucrats, in EU or anywhere be able to extortionate more power for themselves, or increase the value of their redistribution franchises, by offering the citizens goodies these could obtain by other simpler means?

For instance the day an unconditional Universal Basic Income is adopted, that day we will be able to rebalance much more power in favor of citizens and lessen that of those all who engage in the crony statism that is killing us slowly. 

Does a teachable Brexit moment preclude something very good coming out from it? I don’t think so; I have too much respect for the Brits. Perhaps they can even help to save EU.