October 16, 2017

The Financial Times’ FT’s lack of curiosity is astonishing

Sir, to this date I have written you 50 letters questioning the wisdom of those bank regulators who assigned a risk weight of only 20% to what is AAA rated, and of 150% to what is below BB- rated.

It is precisely what’s perceived as very safe, AAA rated, that could cause the buildup of dangerous exposures that could result in major bank crisis if those perceptions turn out to be wrong; and it is precisely what’s perceived as very risky, below BB-, that is the most innocuous to our bank systems, since banks would never ever create any larger exposures to borrowers or investors so rated.

One could have thought that Financial Times would be interested in exploring and analyzing the arguments regulators could have been using to come up with such strange risk-weights.

But Sir you are clearly not curious at all about this. Why? Is not your motto "Without fear and without favor"?