October 17, 2017

As a bare minimum the real Venezuela should now create a Recovery Inc., to get back what’s been stolen from it.

Sir, I read John Paul Rathbone’s and Shawn Donnan’s “Markets urged to prepare as IMF weighs exceptional Venezuela rescue” October 17. Sadly it misses some important points.

Suppose that there is a new government… because with the current one there is nothing to be done, there should be nothing to be done.

Then you can initiate a worldwide recovery effort of what was stolen from Venezuela and that could, should, yield let us estimate at least $50bn, and that after the bounty hunters or whistleblowers have been paid their commissions.

If you stop giving away gas in Venezuela, something I am trying for the World Bank or the IMF to declare as a punishable economic crime against humanity, then you would release, in a sustainable way, billions in resources year after year. Look at it this way, Venezuela sells gas (petrol) at less than $1 cent per gallon, Norway sells it at $2.07 a gallon.

Also, just clearing the air of the current bandits, would release the energies of at least a million of Venezuelans full of initiatives that are dreaming of returning to their country.

And, if there is not a new government, then an exiled government, like De Gaulle’s French government in London during World War II, and which counts with a legitimate National Assembly, and a legitimate Supreme Court (in exile), could, should, at least get going with Venezuela’s Recovery Inc.

Of course, at the end of the day, the oil revenues must begin to be shared out directly to all Venezuelans, instead of being manipulated by the chiefs of turn, because a tragedy in waiting like Venezuela’s current one, should never be permitted to happen again.