October 05, 2017

A Universal Basic Income would allow many at least some human time, so as not having to be full time androids.

Sir, Leslie Hook writes about Uber drivers having to work 24 hours a day, and feeling like androids, “FT Big Read. Uber: The view from the driving seat” October 5.

I have talked with many young bankers and heard they also, just like Uber drivers, feel a bit like androids; having just to automatically fill in many pre-ordained formulas, mostly just in order to reduce bank equity requirements, and never ever getting the chance of that so fulfilling opportunity of asking a client, “What do you intend to do with the money?” and thereafter deciding on whether recommend the credit or not to their superior.

But what can we do about it? Perhaps a Universal Basic Income would at least allow us to be half-time androids and half time humans.

What comes thru loud and clear from the article though is that we need lots of Uber and Lyft competing for our android services. Imagine being an android and having to serve a not too intelligent high-tech monopoly? That has to be as bad as it gets… sort of.

And of course we need new bank regulators.