October 14, 2017

If you cannot lose yourself, how on earth will you learn about finding yourself?

Sir, Janan Ganesh writing about needed freedom asks: “Where can you lose yourself, either in crowds or in isolation from them? Where can you meander for hours? Where do you have to watch your words and manners the least? Where lets you get to and from other places on a whim?” “Citizen of nowhere” Prize for freest city goes to . . .” October 14.

Yes, where? And if today you can, where will you go tomorrow when facial recognizers follow you around?

Frightening. I have always held that all young (and perhaps old too) need to be able to lose themselves in order to gain the insights that allow them to find themselves. And that discovery journey must of course not be carried out with the assistance of a GPS.

Modern technology, including of course social media, seems to dramatically be changing the way young (and old too) position themselves in life and society.

PS. Try the following experiment. When you are driving down a mountain and you have some young passengers in the car, mention that you are going south, and when you are driving up, mention that you are going north. You’ll be amazed how many young will think you are right, without giving the least consideration to the fact you are driving in the opposite direction