October 07, 2015

World/Germany: Don’t fine Volkswagen for the benefit of those who should have controlled emissions better. Be smarter.

Sir, I refer to Chris Bryant’s “New VW chief signals cost cuts to pay for emissions bill” October 7.

If I were Volkswagen’s new chief executive, I would not accept, laying down, to “slash costs to help to foot the bill for the diesel emission scandal” No way! I would strengthen Volkswagen by making a counteroffer the world could not resists… because of its implications.

I would offer the authorities, in lieu of any fines related to The Scandal, to give to each of VW’s 600.000 employees, and to each of 11.000.000 of VW’s diesel car buyers, for example €1.000 in Volkswagen preferred "green" shares, convertible into ordinary VW shares.

And, if the offer was accepted, I would not waste one € correcting wrongdoings on the past, but instead duplicate the € 11,5bn research budget of last year.  But, that’s just me.

I dare you to find one environmentally concerned, who is not a statist, who would not agree with me.

PS. Volkswagen, don't delay your answer... the faster the better.

@PerKurowski ©  J