October 04, 2015

When Volkswagen is fined, as it should be, let all its diesel car buyers get some VW shares, instead of cash.

Sir, Wolfgang Münchau writes about “Volkswagen’s threat to the German model” October 5. Of course, that would be the case, if Volkswagen is forced to “a fire sale of assets in order to pay damages and fines [that] could easily add up to more than €100bn.”

But that would just be a typical stupidity of our days, like when our banks are fined, and then we find their lending capacity utterly diminished.

I am not a German, but if I were, I would urge the government to see that each Euro Volkswagen had to pay in fines because of its truly shameful “manipulation of emission tests”, was to be paid in shares issued at current market prices to the owners of diesel cars... those concerned about pollution. 

That would not weaken Volkswagen, much the contrary it could strengthen it. If our successful companies do wrong, there’s nothing in it for us to be vengeful, on the contrary there is a great opportunity to be constructive. Never weaken the strong to make them work better… strengthen them… but, then again, that’s just little me thinking.