October 07, 2015

Lord Adonis, as your National Commissioner, could do more for UK’s infrastructure by going to Brussels and Basel than staying in London.

Sir, I refer to your “A commission for firing up Britain’s bulldozers” October 7.

You write: “In economic terms, more infrastructure ticks every box. It enhances productivity, while building it also creates jobs. With interest rates near to all-time lows, the financing costs are nothing to fear. Should prudence or ideology demand the use of private instead of public money, there are pension funds crying out for a stable return, if the state bears the construction risk.”

Not so fast! In infrastructure, what could and how it will be financed, in the UK, depends a lot on what the financial regulators think; as they express in their capital requirements for banks and insurance companies. These regulators are in so many ways the real Great Disrupters. 

In fact, your Lord Adonis would be well advised to take a little study trip to Brussels and Basel to learn about all this. In fact you’re your Lord Adonis could well be doing UK’s infrastructure sector much more favors staying there, helping to eliminate the distortions to infrastructure finance that regulators create, than what he could achieve by remaining in London leading the National Infrastructure Commission.

Per Kurowski

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