October 05, 2015

Could one sue one’s Alma Mater for a partial valueless education, in order to pay back part of one’s student debts?

Sir, it is hard to know what to do with the so astounding information that Lucy Kellaway provides us with: “Over the past 10 years the 17 valueless companies have outperformed the others in the FTSE 100 Index by about 70 per cent” “Hands up if you can list what your company’s values are” October 5.

First question would have to be to clarify whether those results means valueless as in absence of values, or, hopefully, valueless as in absence of declared values.

The second, if I may, would be to try to figure out how much debt MBA students around the world have taken on, in order to learn about the extreme importance of declaring corporate values. Maybe there is a valuable class action lawsuit against their Alma Maters coming down their way.

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