December 16, 2014

Tweeting "Oil: The Big Drop"

Sir, I refer to your FT series “Oil: The Big Drop” December 16, in order to suggests some tweets.

Oil is 97% of Venezuela’s exports, and 75% of Russia’s. If oil prices go down 40%... bye-bye Maduro, bye-bye Putin?

Venezuela suffers shortages of basic goods & inflation of more than 63%, and yet its economy is to shrink only 3%?

Hunger or Freedom? High oil prices make Venezuela a medieval feudalism; with citizens serfs to an elected Lord of Manor

The State gets 97% of Venezuela’s exports. How much does its citizens’ relevance increase, each $1 drop in oil price?

If Europe wants high oil prices, to get high inflation, so to repay its sovereign debts, it should be institutionalized

The European taxman is scared European motorists will ask: Why does not gasoline prices go down much?

It seems like those who should have the largest vested interest in joining Opec are shale-oil extractors in the USA

Will there be new rounds of quantitative easing to bail out failed expensive oil lenders and investors?

Have green energy investors or subsidy dependents, adequately hedged against so much lower oil prices?

Ps. More tweets might follow