November 24, 2014

Perhaps the US shale oil producers should join Opec

Sir, in “A new chapter for Opec?” November 26, Anjli Raval and Neil Hume, describe Opec and the US shale oil-producers as competitors… and this though in many ways they share the same problem and perhaps would be better of as allies.

What problem? That the taxman, at least the Europeans taxman, needs, wants, and by means of taxes on gas (petrol consumption) gets more income per barrel of oil, than those who sacrifice that non-renewable resource forever.

What would the demand for oil be in Europe and other places if gas (petrol) was not such a handy product to collect taxes on? I don’t know how much higher it would be but, if I were one of those Opec ministers, I would certainly invite those shale oil producers for a little talk on shared strategies.