December 24, 2014

Could an app which controls bank regulators’ natural sissy instincts, be the solution for our unemployed?

Sir I refer to Lisa Pollack’s “It’s only natural to seek an app for everything” of December 24.

It really shed lights on how we could perhaps obtain better bank regulations, not-withstanding regulators natural wishes to impose on our banks a so dangerous and distorting risk adverseness.

An app, that we could perhaps call Basel IV, would for starters reverse regulators automatic beliefs that what is perceived as risky is risky and what is perceived as safe is safe, for a much more correct: what is perceived as risky is actually quite safe, as it is what is perceived as absolutely safe that contains the greatest dangers.

Then since regulators seemingly cannot refrain from the meddling that distorts, this app would immediately convert all of their risk weighting into a neutral one and the same capital requirement for all bank assets.

And finally remembering what Mark Twain said about the bankers being those willing to lend you the umbrella when the sun shined, and wanting it back when it looked like it could rain, the Basel IV app would impose an extra capital requirement, whenever a bank had too much of its assets in AAA rated assets, housing and real estate finance, or loans to infallible sovereigns.

And so hopefully this Basel IV app would also neutralize bank regulators who are only concerned with the safety of the banks… as if shining and healthy banks could survive among the rubbles of a destroyed real economy.

Let us pray Santa brings us such an app a.s.a.p. That would bring our young ones what they most need now… namely better expectancies for finding good jobs.