June 20, 2014

Yes! Drag also bank regulators in front of a judge, to force them to answer one simple question.

Sir, I refer to your “A light shines on bank misconduct” June 20. You are indeed right in that fighting these bank misbehavior cases in courts, might give everyone of us a better understanding of what is going on.

I would of course also love to have a prosecutor hauling bank regulators in front of a court to extract from them the answer they have so steadfastly refused to answer. Can you imagine a prosecutor addressing them as follows?

“Gentlemen those risk-weighted capital requirements for banks of yours discriminate against the fair access to bank credit for those perceived as risky, like that of medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups… with very negative consequences for the possibilities of our young to find good jobs. And all that you say you do in order to bring stability to the banking system.

And so regulators, PhDs, and whatever other Easterly-experts might be present, would anyone of you please explain to the judge… where the hell do you find the causality between a borrower being ex ante perceived as risky, from a creditworthiness point of view, and a bank failing?