June 16, 2014

FT Do you suggest we leave it all in hands of an Easterly type tyranny of “experts” in thinking machines morality?

Sir, so you want some morality experts to begin thinking about “the morality of thinking machines”? June 16.

The same type of experts that came up with those utterly immoral (and stupid) capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks which discriminate against those already discriminated and favors those already favored?

The same morality possessed by those willing to finance any human rights violator around the world, as long as the risk premium is right?

No thanks the way it looks some of us might prefer betting on artificial intelligence coming up with its own morality… because at least it would most probably not be so dumb so as to think that bank crises arise from excessive much exposures to the ex ante risky.

At least I would not like to leave this in the hands of an Easterly type tyranny, of experts in thinking machines morality.

PS. Is it moral for FT to cover up the stupidity of experts?