June 30, 2014

Poor Shinzo Abe. Has no one told him Japan as a member of G10 also signed up on Basel II’s risk-aversion?

Sir, Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister with respect to the goal of achieving economic growth in Japan writes: “We are restoring Japan’s venture spirit, creating opportunities for start-ups to bid for government contracts, opening markets and promoting new entrants in areas including energy agriculture and medical services”, “My ‘third arrow’ will fell Japan’s economic demons” June 30.

I almost feel sorry for him. Has no one told him that Japan, as part of the G10, signed up on Basel II, those bank regulations that has it as its pillar, that all who are perceived as risky, like start-ups and new entrants usually are perceived, shall NOT have fair access to bank credit, because this is believed to promote the stability of the financial system?

With such an opposition, there is little Shinzo Abe, or anyone else for that matter can do, no matter how good the intentions.