June 10, 2014

ECB European banks have no lack of funds but they do have an enormous lack of shareholders’ capital.

Sir, Christopher Thompson and Ralph Atkins report that despite targeted long term refinancing operations, TLTROs, some banks will not lend to SMEs, “Doubts grow over effect of ECB loans” May 10. 

Of course not! “There isn´t a funding crisis any more” they quote Ken Watrett of BNP Paribas saying and the full truth is that there has not been a funding crisis for a long time now. The crisis, in full bloom, is that of an enormous lack of that shareholders´ capital banks are required to have, especially if they to lend to SMEs.

Just days ago, June 4, Sam Fleming ends a comment in the Analysis "Still unstable" with: “Many euro area banks remain undercapitalized, and for the taxpayers to be insulated from future banking crises balance sheets may need to be strengthened by more than €400bn.” What an extraordinary coincidence that the TLTROs figure announced is also €400bn… could there be something there?

PS. By the way think of those chips used by Mario Draghi when doubling down, as the future of our kids.

PS. I have been writing to FT for years on this problem… but Sir, You have silenced me. My TeawithFT blog with all my letters are out there on the web though, and perhaps soon also in a book… and so one day you might have some explaining to do.