November 16, 2013

We need capital requirements for banks based on saving our planet and creating jobs ratings

Sir, Jeffrey Sachs writes “the system of financial intermediation is broken” and therefore the financial needs for the many infrastructure investments required to face climate change challenges, cannot be satisfied. “We risk more Haiyans if we ignore climate change” November 17.

I agree. For more than a decade I have argued that capital requirements based on perceived risks, only distorts the allocation of bank credit in the real economy, favoring “The Infallible” and odiously discriminating against the risky. And to top it up, for no purpose, since never has a major bank crisis resulted from excessive exposures to what was perceived as “risky”, they have all originated in excessive exposures to what was perceived as absolutely safe.

And in this line I have proposed that if bank regulators must distort (to earn their keep or satisfy their egos) they should at least try to do so in favor of what society needs, like safeguarding our planet earth (and creating jobs).

And that the regulators could to that by allowing banks to have less capital when financing based on an assets project’s sustainability (or potential-of–job-creation) ratings.

Because that, would allow the banks to earn their highest-risk adjusted returns on equity, where they can be the most helpful to the society.

I have sent out my proposal to the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and I hope it gets there… and is understood there