November 05, 2013

Damn you, you so risk adverse, baby boomer bank regulators

Sir, Satyajit Das, states clearly the fact that, if things go on the same, “Over time, financing will become concentrated in official agencies, the ECB and national governments or central banks. Risks will shift from the peripheral countries to the core of the eurozone, especially Germany and France”, “Debt crisis has left German economy vulnerable” November 5.

Of course, how could it be otherwise, with bank capital requirements that so much favor banks going to the “safe harbors”?

Unfortunately, what Satyajit Das, and the Financial Times, do not get is that the greatest cost of it all, for the eurozone and for the whole Western world, is all that adventurous, quite risky, but potentially extremely productive bays that were not explored, only because of such regulations, produced by such risk adverse bank regulators... and who only concern themselves with banks and not one iota with the real economy.