November 16, 2013

No Europe! Don’t listen to FT. Your only chance is to explore more productive bays, even risking more hitting hidden rocks.

Sir, you write “Steer Europe away from hidden rocks”. November 16… and there you hold: “The tide of cheap money that is lifting all boats will soon be on the ebb. Britain and Europe should navigate their economic challenges now, or risk being beached on the same shore.”

First the tide of cheap money has not and is NOT lifting all boats. “The Risky”, like medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups, those Britain and Europe most need to get into action, are immobilized for the lack of bank credit, only because bank regulators require banks to have more capital for exposures to them.

Second you are NOT risking being beached on the same shore, you are risking dying gasping for oxygen in the same dangerously overpopulated safe havens, those to which banks can have exposures to against minimum capital.

Britain and Europe, your only chance is to explore more productive bays, even though you risk more hit hidden rocks. Future is only built upon risk-taking, never ever on risk avoidance.