August 26, 2017

Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, ask IBM’s Watson what algorithms he would feed robobankers, to make these useful and safe

Sir, Sam Fleming reporting from Jackson Hole writes “Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chair said regulatory reforms pushed through after the great financial crisis had made the system “substantially safer” and were not weighing on growth or lending. … If the lessons of the last crisis were remembered “we have reason to hope that the financial system and economy will experience fewer crises and recover from any future crisis more quickly”, “Yellen warns opponents of tighter financial rules to remember lessons of crisis” August 26.

As I see it Yellen has not yet learned at all that past and future financial crisis have not, nor will ever, result from excessive exposures to what was or is perceived as risky, these will always result from unexpected events, like when that was perceived, decreed or concocted as very safe, turned out ex post to be very risky.

Since regulators do not to want listen to anything else but their own mutual admiration net-works’ risk biases, I wish they would contract IBM’s neutral Watson to ask it the following:

Watson, while considering the purpose of banks as well as the real dangers to our financial systems, what algorithms would you suggest feeding robobankers with?

THEN Yellen, Draghi and colleagues should compare that algorithm with what they are feeding the human bankers with; the portfolio invariant risk weighted capital requirements that assumes that bankers do not see or clear for risks by means of size of exposure and risk premiums charged.

Then these regulators would understand that with their over-the-board incentives for banks to invest or lend to what is safe, like AAA rated securities and sovereigns, like Greece, they are in fact creating those conditions that dooms banks to suffer huge crises, sooner or later, over and over.

Then these regulators would understand that their regulations induce banks to stay away way too much from lending to what is perceived risky, like SMEs and entrepreneurs, something which clearly must weigh heavy against the prospects of our real economy to growth.

Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, please ask Watson! Perhaps you could find him on LinkedIn 😆