August 26, 2017

Hallmark; please launch an entrepreneurship channel where all, not just two, live ever after happy because of the successes

Sir, as one who has quite often tried on entrepreneurship adventures and not too often been successful at it, I cannot but say hear, hear to Janan Ganesh’s “Why must entrepreneurs get such a bad rap?” August 26.

The truth is that, except perhaps from some special inventions, nothing produces so much economic benefits we can all enjoy than what the successful entrepreneurs do.

And that is why I am so obsessed against those risk weighted capital requirements sissy regulators have imposed and that force banks to hold more capital against loans to SMEs and entrepreneurs, than they have to hold against the safe AAA rated, as the former had it not tough enough to access bank credit.

Ganesh writes: “The entertainment industry of the world’s most avowedly entrepreneurial nation tends to depict business only to pathologise it.” That’s absolutely right, and that’s why the title of my letter. 

Come on Hallmark, you who have been so good at those chick-flicks that keep my girls fascinated hour after hour; please step up to the plate. Not only we guys are in need of some of the real-tough-it-out flicks.