August 08, 2017

Could the Venezuelan National Assembly sue Goldman Sachs on behalf of Venezuelans for aiding and abetting a dictator?

Sir, Mitu Gulati writes: “a judge could find that the holders of Maduro bonds must have known that they were transacting with an unrepresentative or illegitimate agent of the people… Agency law goes beyond merely voiding the contract between the principal and the third party; a third party who suborns a betrayal of trust by the agent may be answerable in tort to the principal”, “Maduro bonds” Alphaville July 8.

Gulati also writes: “It is the Constituent Assembly itself and all of its works that the post-Maduro government must argue are unauthorized, invalid and illegitimate. And the longer that the Constituent Assembly stays in power, and makes the laws of the country, the more it begins to look like the real legislature”

That begs the question, if a President of USA, like Donald Trump had managed to create something as odiously farcical as Venezuela Constituent Assembly, how long would it take for it to begin to look like the real legislature? 100 years?

PS. A simple but complex question from a humble Venezuelan economist to an outstanding Venezuelan international lawyer