July 14, 2017

European citizens must solve the Brexit affair, not EU technocrats with their egos hurt by that love spat

Sir, let me address some of Martin Wolf specific opinions expressed in “Britain is incapable of managing Brexit and calamity will follow” July 14.

“Michel Barnier, the EU’s negotiator, patiently explains, as if to inattentive children, that ‘the clock is ticking’.” Does Wolf really think that Michel Barnier has been authorized by EU, and especially by the Europeans, to impatiently allow the clock on Brexit negotiations run out? If Barnier does that, on his own, to show off his toughness, they will run him out.

“Brexiters fail to understand the weakness of the UK’s hand” “Does that mean that EU understands their hand to be strong?

“Damage to access to the EU market would, for example, be far worse for the UK than vice versa, because the EU’s economy is some five times bigger than Britain’s.” What? I can’t believe Wolf says this. Whatever damage might in fact result, has very little to do with the size of the economy. A larger economy, on a per capita basis, could be just as sensitive.

“The EU is a creature of law. Members would view a [no deal] violation of UK obligations as heinous.” What members, the not so popular EU technocrats?

“The UK government is stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Does Wolf really think the governments in EU are feeling comfortable? They have their own need of votes.

“Another referendum would be dynamite, further aggravating the deep splits over the European issue” Does that not depend partly on the results of the referendum?

“Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad. So it now is over Brexit”

There I agree. Because I wonder why Martin Wolf, and most other influential Brexiteers and Remainers, British foremost, supposedly, are not out there marketing the need for a very amicable Brexit, among all those Europeans that might wish the same, and who also the last thing they need, is for additional complications in their already hard as it is life.

PS. Did you not see how Trump and Macron got along well even with Trump’s Paris agreement exit?

Per Kurowski

I am besides a Venezuelan, also a Polish, and therefore a European citizen.