July 16, 2017

Brexit should be an affair between Europeans, not between some EU technocrats resenting a love spat.

Sir, I refer to Robert Shrimsley’s ironizing “Your country needs you: Brexit’s patriot act” July 15. There he writes: “Fox has said some journalists would rather see Britain fail than Brexit succeed”.

Well so do I! When I read so many opinions in FT stating categorically that Britain EU has much more to lose from Brexit than EU without acknowledging EU’s huge and delicate Brexit problems; when I see no one trying to capture the support of Britain that undoubtedly exists among Europeans; when I see no one wanting to go out and ask what kind of punishment they want the not so popular, the not elected by vote executioner Barnier to enforce on Britain, I do feel that most of you have an existential necessity of the Brexit affair turning out real bad for your country… or a shameful lack of willingness to defend what is yours, meaning not only Britain but also Britain’s future relation with Europe.

Can you imagine Britain during World War II communicating solely with the Vichy government of France and not reaching to La Résistance?

The Brexit morning after do you think Europeans want to see Britain gone for good? I doubt that, Britain is much more part of the glue that holds EU together than you seem to want to know.

Per Kurowski

A Venezuelan but also a Polish citizen, and therefore a European who is strongly in favor of Britain… though I admit the last could just be the result of not being up to date.