July 14, 2017

Any jury, given the facts on how Venezuela works, would in seconds, unanimously condemn Mr. Mauro Libi for corruption.

Sir, John Paul Rathbone writes: “As protests and violence engulf Caracas, the country is beset by shortages and endemic corruption. Amid the chaos, Mauro Libi has built a huge food business empire but his critics want to know how.” “Profits from empty shelves” FT, Big Read, Venezuela, July 14.

His critics want to know how? In a country in which a government centralizes 97% of all export revenues, and foreign currency is thereafter allotted not by free market operations but by mechanisms that require the approval of individual government bureaucrats, can there be any doubt that the fortune Libi derives from imports of food to Venezuela, as described by Rathbone, can be anything but the result of corruption?

FT, I am sure you would not dare try to justify any other possibility, and this even if the only consequence you could suffer from it was being laughed at?

Rathbone writes: “Mr Libi’s story, as he tells it, is of a resourceful businessman working against the odds… He even claims to be exporting oatmeal to the US”

Those readers of papers like FT, who can read statements like that, and do not feel like vomiting, prove themselves to be intellectual and immoral accomplices of the death of the many Venezuelans who are suffering from lack of foods and medicines. 

Western civilization world, if something like Venezuela happened in your country, would you like the world to behave as indifferent as you do?

Western civilization, “We did not know” might have worked previously, but is nowadays a completely unacceptable excuse.