February 20, 2017

No Bill Gates! Taxes on robots should help fund a Universal Basic Income, not enrich the redistribution profiteers

On January 15th I sent a comment to you on an article by Richard Waters in which I stated: “impose some payroll and minimum wage taxes on robots, in order for the humans to compete on a more level playing field.”

Sir, it is clear that, notwithstanding your motto, you much favour “the world’s richest man” over one of your faithful reader who has repeatedly written to you on the subject at hand.

But, after reading the interview of Gates on Quartz website, it is clear that there is one big difference between his desires and mine. I want for those tax revenues to be distributed to all by means of a Universal Basic Income, while Bill Gates wants to conserve or augment the value of the franchise belonging to the redistribution profiteers.

PS. Who is to retrain those retrainers that are losing their jobs to robots?