February 21, 2017

Imposed political correctness is a form of subliminal authoritarianism that can also breed revolt

Sir, Gideon Rachman writes: “What is it that links the erosion of support for democracy in countries as diverse as Russia, the Philippines, South Africa and even the US? It is that for many voters democracy is a means to an end, not an end in itself. If a democratic system fails to deliver jobs, as in South Africa, or security, as in the Philippines, or is associated with a stagnation in living standards, as in the US, then some voters will be attracted to the authoritarian alternative”, “The stamp of authority gains in appeal” February 21.

That is true, but Rachman also follows up with: “A drift towards authoritarianism will become more likely, in the context of rising inequality, when the political and economic system seems “rigged” in favour of insiders.” And that is not necessarily the absolute truth… it is mostly the correct current convenient political truth.

As I see it much, not all, of what is going on, is a rebellion against the authoritarism of political correctness. There are too many instances when ordinary people are not allowed to express ordinary human concerns, without risking being referred to in derogatory terms… and that hurts and  accumulates resentments that can explode.