February 20, 2017

Is it opposition that weakens or loosens up support, or opposition that stiffens and compacts support?

Sir, many of us Venezuelans have lived trough many years thinking the fall of Chavez/Maduro just to be a question of few days. That it did not happen was in much the direct result of that the opposition, instead of loosening up the Chavez/Maduro support, by preaching excessively to the choir, only compacted it.

So when I now read opinions against Trump I ask myself, does it loosen or does it compact Trump’s support?

Sir, with respect to that what Edward Luce expresses in “Trump and the siege of Washington”, February 20, what would be your own gut feeling… loosening or compacting?

My own opinion is that the more you stick to the issues and the less with the person the better. Of course, as you well know, that is easier said than done.