August 12, 2016

Statism, by way of bank regulations, marches on! Thou shall not hold anything but the Infallible Sovereign’s debt

Sir, Robin Wigglesworth in Short View August 11 writes: “New rules slapped on the US money market fund industry… are set to come fully into effect in October. The changes have spurred a gradual investor exodus from the funds, and the conversion of ‘prime’ MMFs which invest into corporate debt into ones that invest only in Treasuries (which are less affected by the new regulations).”

So clearly those statists that furthered their agenda by way of bank regulations, like in 1988 when the Basel Accord decreed a risk weight of zero percent for the government and 100% for We the People, keep marching on unabated.

And since Wigglesworth also refers to the Libor “Lie-bor” rate manipulation, let me also remind you that no private sector manipulation ever, has produced even a fraction of the costs for the society at large, as has the Basel Committee's outrageous manipulation of the allocation of bank credit to the real economy.

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