August 13, 2016

If one incorrectly accuses bank regulators of being totally inept, in public, one would think they would answer

Sir, Eric Lonergan writes: “Mark Carney is right: the traditional use of interest rates has run its course. For central banks to continue playing a role in preventing recession and raising growth, they will need to rethink the entire premise of monetary policy and aim their firepower directly at consumer spending and corporate investment”, “Interest rates are a spent economic force” August 13.

What central banks, and regulators, must really rethink is the whole bank regulatory framework’s pillar; the risk weighted capital requirements for banks. The problem is they are doing their utmost to avoid that Pandora box to be opened, because they know that would disclose their incredible technocratic-besserwisser disabilities.

Sir, you know what I think of these regulations, and you might think I am obsessed with the issue, which I am… but have you never asked yourself why my arguments are not even discussed? I have publicly accused Mark Carney, Mario Draghi, Stefan Ingves and many other of being absolutely inept bank regulators… and, if I was wrong, one could reasonably assume they would love to strongly correct me… in public.

PS. Sir, as you might be fed up receiving my many letters, you could also ask the regulators to answer my questions, and then you might get rid of me for good. Do you dare!

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