August 13, 2016

Do you think Trump wants to lose big? To risk hearing “You’re fired!”? What if he first negotiates with GOP and then quits?

Sir, I refer to Philip Delves Broughton’s article on the candidature of Donald Trump, “The nominee whose tactics make history irrelevant” August 13.

It is incomplete because, there more than 80 days until November 8, a very long time in these times when things can turn around in seconds, and it does presuppose that Trump would be willing to accept a very significant loss, having to hear “You’re fired!”, without considering the possibility he negotiates with the GOP, and quits, and thereby quite possibly allow an alternative republican candidate to win the elections. He is a businessman after all... or not?

And what of the Democrat party if Clinton loses? Would not Obama for instance then hold on to much more influence in it? Will Michelle run someday? Sir, you see there are plenty of questions in the air. 

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