April 11, 2016

“Listen, do not forget that you are the millenial here, and so you are the one supposed to know”

Sir, Lucy Kellaway, enjoyable as always to read, discusses the jobs of millenials, and recommends managers to give them “something interesting to do, or at least be able to explain why filling in that particular spreadsheet really matters” “Don’t blame millennials if you can’t hang on to them” April 11.

Though that presumes the manager knows why the spreadsheet is filled out, which is definitely not always the case, it sounds like very good advice, something like “wash your hands and brush your teeth”

But if I was a manager confronting a recently hired unknown millenial, one of those who can find it interesting to spend hours on what seems utterly un-interesting actvities to me, I would suggest a more forthright approach:

“Look here young friend, I am giving you these spreadsheets to fill in. Try to figure why, and if you in the process find that something better could be done, tell me. Do not forget that you are the millenial here.” 

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