April 20, 2016

If there is a Brexit, will EU throw out English and adopt German or French or Spanish as its main language?

Sir, I refer to Martin Wolf’s “Britain’s friends are right to fear Brexit” April 20.

I reread it several times, and of course, if it is Brexit, and nothing more, then UK has the right to be very concerned about the consequences. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For instance Britain could try to explore the possibilities of strengthening the bond that the English language represents. For instance when Wolf remind us of how “US resources and will sustained the west during the second world war and the cold war”, I have to ask myself if that was more because of Europe, or because of England, and frankly I do not really know the answer.

Also Europe itself suffers severe existential problems. As you Sir and Martin Wolf know, I believe that the risk aversion implicit in the risk weighted capital requirements for banks basically amounts to a decision to lie down and die. And so if Brexit would come hand in hand with a Baselexit, then surely UK would come out as a winner.

Wolf is right that the UK would always have the option of existing the EU, but our kids and our children cannot afford to wait for better possibilities to find jobs that those lousy bank regulations permit.

As with the wall Trump wants to build, you are never ever really sure on which side of it you rally want to find your family.

PS. By the way could EU keep as its main language a language of a non-member? J

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