April 23, 2016

Is there something like a “not with the banks in my backyard” syndrome that blinds?

Sir, Tim Harford discusses “How to manage industrial decline” April 23.

In my mind the golden rule is that the sooner you find its substitutes, the less you have to go through the convulsions of managing it.

But how on earth do we explore new opportunities when bank regulators have decided to deny explorers like SMEs and entrepreneurs fair access to bank credit, just on account that these are risky?

It is truly hard for me to understand how who has written “Adapt… why success always starts with failure” is not up in arms against the risk weighted capital requirements for banks.

Could it be some “not with my banks in my backyard” syndrome? NWMBIMBY?

As for the “give them money… a topic for next week” I sure hope to see something about a Universal Basic Income scheme… I mean we have more than enough redistribution profiteers.

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