February 20, 2016

For credit we now might need shadow-banks. For intellectual capital free from network incest, do we need shadow-universities?

Sir, Martin Wolf writes: “In its origins and still today, a university is a special institution: a community of teachers and scholars. Its purpose is to generate and impart understanding, from generation to generation. The university is a glory of our civilization.” “Running a university is not like selling baked beans”, February 19

Indeed but from this perspective does it really follow that “Four of the 10 top-rated universities in the world, five of the top 20 and 10 of the top 50 are British” makes UK a “superpower” in higher education? Could not the truth be that in much all universities everywhere are failing and need to be rethought?

For instance, how much of our universities is being used not to promote understanding but to self-promote those who understand? Current research clearly seems to suffer from cronyism: “I Reference You and You Reference Me”? And, excessive cross-referencing within small mutual admiration networks cannot produce much good.

Also, what university in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, have really debated something so fundamentally important as bank regulations that could be fatally distorting the allocation of bank credit to the real economy? And where is the university that has questioned the whole (nutty) concept of a zero risk weight for the sovereign and a 100 percent risk weight for the private sector?

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, in a discussion document titled “Fulfilling our Potential”, presents the idea to “open up the [university] sector to greater competition from new high-quality providers”. And Martin Wolf expresses some well-founded concerns about that.

Banks are currently, because of regulatory risk-aversion, kept away from fulfilling adequately their most fundamental role in the economy. In this respect I have often said that our next generations might find among some shadow-banks their best chance to finance the risky future.

And so, in the same vein, who knows if not our best chances “to generate and impart understanding, from generation to generation” could be found among some new formal university competitors, or even among some shadow-universities?

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