February 23, 2016

Every Brexit needs its Brentrance.

Sir, Janan Ganesh writes: “Britons are being invited to exchange the lived reality of EU membership for a nebulous exit, envisaged by its most popular advocate as a way of gaining leverage over Brussels for a deeper revision of membership terms.” “Boris mania exposes an overexcited political class” February 23

And Gideon Rachman writes: “Mr Johnson’s decision to campaign for Brexit might put him on the right side of history, but only in the first and narrowest sense of foreseeing the direction of events... A modern Churchill, which is what Boris clearly aspires to be, would immediately understand that Britain’s decision about whether to stay in the EU has to be seen as part of a wider global picture.” “Johnson has failed the Churchill test".

This is so much reminds me of the problem in my homeland Venezuela. There too many are pointing towards an escape door, without indicating at all to what entrance that door leads.

If Britain wants to leave EU, something that indeed sounds a bit adventurous to say the least, then it should at least begin to think about the morning after.

And this reminds me that way back, in the last century, in 1999, I wrote an Op-Ed titled “A New English Language Empire” It might provide for a timely read

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