November 12, 2014

FT, McKinsey should it not be: Piketty “Winner of the 2014 Book Business of the Year Award”?

Sir, you, FT states that: “The prize will go to the book that is judged to have provided the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues.”

Sir, even though during 15 years I was a columnist at Venezuela’s most important paper, until I was expelled by the new pro-government owners, I never considered myself to be a journalist, so I would not know what to do as an FT journalist, if seeing FT approving of Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” as the “Winner of the 2014 Business Book of the Year Award”.

But, as a consultant, and if a consultant of McKinsey & Company, I would feel much ashamed and would most certainly resign, immediately.

Of course unless all was just a monumental typo and what was really intended was: “Winner of the 2014 Book Business of the Year Award”… with that price I could agree since it must have made Thomas Piketty a quite rich man.

PS. Enjoyable? From what I hear, in number of pages not read by its buyers, this book might go for a Guinness record... hardly something compatible with enjoyable.